Ellen Mickiewicz
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Zeitraum des Fellowships:
01. Mai 2011 bis 30. Juni 2011

Ellen Mickiewicz





Selected publications: Efficacy and Evidence: Evaluating U.S. Goals at the American National Exhibition in Moscow 1959, Journal of Cold War Studies (forthcoming, 2011); Television, Power, and the Public in Russia, Cambridge 2008; Changing Channels: Television and the Struggle for Power in Russia, Oxford 1997 (updated paperback edition, Durham 1999); Split Signals: Television and Politics in the Soviet Union, Oxford 1988; with Roman Kolkowicz (eds.), International Security and Arms Control, New York 1986; with Roman Kolkowicz (eds.), The Soviet Calculus of Nuclear War, Lexington, MA 1986; Media and the Russian Public, New York 1981.

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Ellen Mickiewicz

As globalization advances and crises proliferate, the practice of rating countries on democracy and freedom of the press has become increasingly significant in driving funding for “democratization” by the United Nations, the IMF, the United States Government, and NGOs. Yet the basic methodological and philosophical underpinnings of the process are murky. Ellen Mickiewicz will examine what ratings are based on and how reliable they are.