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This is the concluding international conference in a series that began in 2012 as a collaboration between Duke University and several Austrian partners. The project endeavors to rewrite the Empire back into Austrian history by recalling lost Socialist imperial traditions, the Jewish love story with imperial Austria, and nostalgia for a multicultural Central Europe.


By linking Empire and Republic through Socialism and Jews, the project may make a long-term (longue durée) Austrian narrative possible and open up new avenues for rethinking Austria’s contribution to pre-, anti-, and post-national Europe. Previous conferences addressed pre-WWI Austria and interwar Austria. The present conference tracks the imperial legacy among Socialists and Catholics during the Cold War years, highlights the discovery of the Wiener Moderne in the 1980s through joint American, Austrian, and Central European efforts; and discusses the permutations of Vienna 1900 in Austria over the recent decades. The conference concludes with a reconsideration of Chancellor Bruno Kreisky as the “last emperor,” and with re-envisioning the Empire’s place in Austrian, European, and global history.


CONCEPT: Malachi Hacohen (Durham, NC), Georg Spitaler (Vienna), Ingo Zechner (Vienna) 

PARTICIPANTS: Jakub Beneš (Oxford), Dieter A. Binder (Graz), Matti Bunzl (Vienna), Erhard Busek (Vienna), Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi (Vienna), Peter Eigner (Vienna), Lisa Fischer (Vienna), Cristina Florea (Harvard), Malachi Hacohen (Duke), Deborah Holmes (Salzburg), Roman Horak (Vienna), Helmut Konrad (Graz), Thomas Macho (Vienna), Wolfgang Maderthaner (Vienna), Michaela Maier (Vienna), Sylvia Mattl-Wurm (Vienna), Gerhard Meißl (Vienna), Maria Mesner (Vienna), Charlotte Natmeßnig (Vienna), Alfred Pfoser (Vienna), Anson Rabinbach (Princeton), Doron Rabinovici (Vienna), Oliver Rathkolb (Vienna), Werner Michael Schwarz (Vienna), Georg Spitaler (Vienna), Saskia Stachowitsch (Vienna), Martina Steer (Vienna), Leslie Topp (London), Heidemarie Uhl (Vienna), Andreas Weigl (Vienna), Deirdre White (Duke), Ingo Zechner (Vienna)


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Proceedings of previous conferences have been coming out in Religions http://www.mdpi.com/journal/religions/special_issues/empire_socialism_jews

They will be published at the end in an edited volume.


Cooperation partners:

Duke University, Council for European Studies and Center for Jewish Studies; Association for the History of the Labour Movement (VGA); IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies | University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz in Vienna; Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society (LBIGG); Wien Museum, and the Journal “Religions”.


Kindly supported by the City of Vienna and Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich.


Ort: IFK - VGA - Wien Museum