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Ethnicity, Inc.

John L. and Jean Comaroff’s new book entitled "Ethnicity, Inc." provides provocative insight into recent phenomena concerning the commodification of ethnicity.


From ethno-theme parks, Native American casinos, and Scotland as a brand, to San "Bushmen" with patent rights potentially worth millions of dollars, nations acting as commercial enterprises, and the rise of marketing firms that target specific ethnic populations: these are just a few examples of the marketization of cultural identities. The authors investigate how ethnic populations are remaking themselves in the image of corporations - while corporations appropriate ethnic practices to tap into new markets and create new modes of consumption. In doing so, John L. and Jean Comaroff provide an intriguing portrayal of the conflicting  effects of neoliberalism, which gives rise to discordant clashes of culture, capitalism, and identity.


Conception: Andre Gingrich (ÖAW), Lutz Musner (IFK, Wien)
Commentators: Marcus Banks (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford), Andre Gingrich (Institute for Social Anthropology, Austrian Academy of Sciences), Karl-Heinz Kohl (Frobenius-Institute, Goethe University Frankfurt)
Respondents: John L. and Jean Comaroff (IFK_Guests of the Director/Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago)


In cooperation with the Institute for Social Anthropology (Austrian Academy of Sciences).



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