Alona Bilokon
ÖAW-JESH ifk Fellow

Duration of fellowship
01. March 2022 bis 30. June 2022



Impact of the German Diplomats in Austria in the 1920-1930s on the political situation in the region


The current political situation shows the necessity of preventive action and peace resolution in many parts of the world. Researching the traumatic history lessons of the Second World War could be one of the preventive methods. This poses two important questions: the role of the German diplomats in Austria and their impact on political situation in the region. The author will analyze the biographies of German diplomats in Austria in the period of 1920-1930s.: Frederic von Rosenberg (1874–1937), Maximilian Pfeiffer (1875–1926), Hugo Graf von und zu Lerchenfeld auf Köfering und Schönberg (1871–1944), Kurt Rieth (1881–1969) and Franz von Papen (1879–1969). Despite the fact that the Second World War was investigated by both Western and Soviet historians, the 1920-1930s as a part of Austrian-German relations was continuously neglected in the previous Ukrainian analyses. We expect that prosopographical research will find concrete similarities that all diplomats of the Third Reich had. 


Dr. Alona Bilokon is working at the International Relations and Foreign Policy Department at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University. She is also Supervisory Board Member at the Mykolayiv Center for Investigative Reporting (Ukraine) and Mentor of GCIP Business Academy Ukraine, UNIDO/GEF Project “Global Cleantech Innovation Programme” (Kyiv, Ukraine). From 2018 until 2019 she was Assistant-Consultant to the Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. 


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