30 Januar 2023
  • Lecture

Techno-Utopian Impulses and the Quests for Eternal Life



While some might think this is a trend unique to the realm of science fiction, today’s tech elites are actively seeking to overcome death. Based on investigations into immortality projects, this lecture will explore how techno-utopians transmit their beliefs as truth and therefore colonize the collective imaginary.

From a historical perspective, immortality quests are not a novelty: for thousands of years humans have been searching for means to defeat death and prolong life. Perhaps the most significant distinction in this regard is that humanity has never had as much technological power as it currently has. Considering the hypothesis that there is a growing gap between human technological power and technological literacy, it becomes crucial to question who and what might compose the common world. Could artistic and philosophical practices assist society in enhancing the importance of democratic decision-making processes, that is, the relevance of collectively processing complex issues regarding novel technologies? As George M. Young has written modern technology has given us the power to alter life itself, but the question of what we should do with this godlike power begs an answer.


Chana de Moura is a visual artist and doctoral student at the University of Art and Design Linz. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts in 2017 from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In 2019, she completed her Master’s studies in fine arts at Porto University, Portugal. Since 2019 she has collaborated on various projects as a futurist researcher, especially on projects linked to democratic decision-making and technological developments. She is currently IFK_Artist in Residence.



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