IFK_Senior Fellowships are intended for outstanding researchers who are advanced in their academic careers, and want to pursue their own research at the IFK while fostering intellectual cooperation with the IFK_Fellows and other Austrian colleagues. Qualified applications for this fellowship will be accepted from individuals of all nationalities and regardless of institutional or professional affiliation. Applicants with an international reputation and a publication profile that identifies them as leading experts in their respective scientific fields are particularly encouraged to apply.

Length and funding:

Senior Fellowships are awarded for an academic semester (October 1–January 31, or March 1–June 30).

IFK_Senior Fellowships include an expense allowance of max. € 2,325 monthly (€ 75 / day) as well as a workstation at the IFK with computer and internet access. Fellows that are not residents of Vienna will be supplied with one-time round-trip travel to and from Vienna and accommodation in a 35 m2 apartment. Fellows are responsible for their own health insurance and social security.


The recent application round is for the academic year 2021/22.

Application Start: 4 Mai 2020

Application End: 5 July 2020

Decisions regarding fellowship conferral will be communicated by 7 December 2020.

An application as a Senior Fellow excludes a parallel application as a Research Fellow.