Fulbright ifk Fellowship


Fulbright ifk Senior Fellowship

Open to faculty of all academic ranks with a PhD and specialization in interdisciplinary and comparative research in cultural studies and humanities relevant to Viennese, Austrian and Central European traditions. Several years of teaching and excellent research experience in relevant fields is preferred.

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Previous Senior Recipients (selection)

2021-22 Kenneth Marcus, Professor of History, University of La Verne

2019-20 Paul Buchholz, Associate Professor, Department of German, Emory University, Altlanta

2018–19 Davide Stimilli, Associate Professor of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Colorado, Boulder

2017–18 Lisa Feurzeig, Department of Music, Grand Valley State University (Michigan)



Fulbright ifk Junior Fellowship

For PhD candidates in cultural studies/ humanities, whose field of specialization is thematically related to Austrian and Central European traditions or to the present ifk research focus.

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Previous Junior Recipients (selection)

2021-22 Daniel Binswanger Friedman, Department of German Studies, Cornell University

2021 Elisabeth Fertig, Department of Comparative Literature, University of Michigan

2019-20 Matthew Johnson, Department of Germanic Studies, University of Chicago

2018–19 Nathan Stobaugh, Department of Art & Archeology, Princeton University

2017–18 Thomas R. Prendegast, Modern European and Jewish History, Duke Univers