Conference »Gender Topologies«, Lecture by Brenda Danilowitz

Brenda Danilowitz Anni Albers. Conquering and Reorienting the Grid

In 1922, Albers enrolled in the Bauhaus in Weimar, describing it, a quarter century later, as »a place of groping and fumbling, of experimenting and taking chances«. Brenda Danilowitz’ paper will follow Albers on her six decades’ long journey of conquest: her encounter with the materials and processes of weaving with those »sissy« threads in the Bauhaus weaving workshop; her mastery of the handweaver’s loom and its coding conventions; her subversion of handweaving’s controlling binary, its strictly vertical and horizontal warps and wefts at Black Mountain College, where the pioneering German topologist Max Dehn was a faculty colleague; and the transformation of her practice from loom to paper as she explored the reorientations of basic geometrical forms and patterns.        

Gender Topologies. Ästhetiken und Politiken der Nicht-Orientierbarkeit
Konferenz, 31. Mai bis 2. Juni 2023