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Boris Buden
  • Lecture Series

<<<<ACHTUNG VERSCHOBEN AUF SOMMERSEMESTER 2021>>>>A Theorist Who Cannot Speak English Is No Theorist


There is no equality and justice among languages. While some are ruling the world, others struggle to survive or are already extinct. Theory has always been aware of this, which is why it chooses the elite languages as its mother tongues. When it comes to the others, plebeian ones, it considers them as foreign and visits only in translation. This, however, seems to be changing today.

  • Conference

IFK_Live: Translating the Present: Science Fiction and our Futures

By imagining the future, science fiction shapes the present. Rather than fore-casting the future, it re-casts the present, it re-contextualizes it, translates it into another reality, shaping the tomorrows of our mind, the way we think—our imagination.

Alexander Draxl
  • Lecture

IFK_LIVE: „… aus der Ferne herschattende Dunkelheit“ (Simmel) – zum Schicksalsbegriff um 1900


Um 1900 scheint das Wort Schicksal ein obsoleter Begriff zu sein, ein irrationaler Rest längst vergangener Zeiten. Denn wer kann in der Moderne noch an etwas wie das Schicksal glauben? Erstaunlicherweise aber war Schicksal ein durchaus geläufiger Begriff. In seinem Vortrag stellt sich Alexander Draxl die Frage, was dieser unzeitgemäße Begriff um 1900 zu leisten vermochte.



IFK_Art 2016/17

Interessante Fummel Kunst


TOTAL TOT - die Waffe der blitzenden Frauen

Bundesministerin für Heimatschmutz, Barbara Ungepflegt
Bundesministerin für Heimatschmutz, Barbara Ungepflegt
Aktuell ist im Lockdown 2 nahezu alles geschlossen, der Waffenhandel hingegen wurde von der österreichischen Bundesregierung als systemrelevant deklariert. Auf der Suche nach den blitzenden Waffen (Robert Pfaller) besuchte heute am 19.11.2020 die Bundesministerin für Heimatschmutz und internationale Affären (Barbara Ungepflegt) gemeinsam mit der Bundesvorsitzenden Frau in der Heimat (Elsbeth Wallnöfer) ein Wiener Waffengeschäft.
Barbara - derzeit IFK_Artist in Residence

Jewish Agency and Austrian Culture in Nineteenth Century Jerusalem

Virtual Lecture with Dr. Louise Hecht, University of Salzburg, Center for Israel Studies Vienna Web Forum

Welcome: Prof. Dr. Mitchell Ash

Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 7:30 PM


Conference: PLAYFULNESS Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cultural Literacy

Thursday 13th – Friday 14th May 2021 
A Virtual Symposium

  • The aesthetics and/or philosophy of playfulness
  • Diversity or inclusivity and intersectionality of playfulness
  • The role of playfulness in interdisciplinary collaboration or education
  • Playfulness and experimental translation 
  • The role of playfulness in stimulating new ways of thinking in cultural literacy
  • Playfulness in and out of the psychoanalytic consulting room
  • Playfulness in media, literature, the visual and performing arts

Organised by the research group Cultural Literacy Everywhere (CLE)


Simon Wiesenthal Lecture Dirk Rupnow Zwischen Ignoranz und Missbrauch. Zum Stand von Geschichtspolitik, Erinnerungskultur und Holocaust-Gedenken


Moshe Shokeid: Can Academics Change the World?

Moshe Shokeid narrates his experiences as a member of AD KAN (NO MORE), a protest movement of Israeli academics at Tel Aviv University, who fought against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, founded during the first Palestinian intifada (1987–1993). However, since the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin and the subsequent obliteration of the Oslo Accords, public manifestations of dissent on Israeli campuses have been remarkably mute. This chronicle of AD KAN is explored in view of the ongoing theoretical discourse on the role of the intellectual in society and is compared with other accounts of academics’ involvement in different countries during periods of acute political conflict.

Moshe Shokeid is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Tel Aviv University. His major publications include Children of Circumstances (1988, Cornell), A Gay Synagogue in New York (1995, Columbia), and Three Jewish Journeys through an Anthropologist’s Lens (2009, Academic Studies Press). 2014 he was City of Vienna/IFK_Fellow.